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Volunteers will help match you with other families in your state or country. Visit our Local Support Group for families of Children who have Hemiplegia.

Infant and Childhood Stroke are two causes of hemiplegia or hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Visit our sister website, Kids Have Strokes, to learn more.


What Parents Think about the Hemi-Kids Email Group

Below, we share some of the thank you messages that Hemi-Kids has received over the past year.

  • My son continues to amaze me everyday. He is so determined. And, I work to build his self-esteem so he won't care what people think. And, I found this list which saved me from going insane. Try to take it one day at a time, be honest with yourself about your feelings, let yourself cry...You don't know what the future holds--it might surprise you.

  • This is a note to say thank you for all the letters of support and encouragement I have received since I joined this list. My husband and I sat and read them all and we were both in tears but we both said we felt so much better after reading them. We realize the future may be different but with our support and love and that of his brother we know our son will achieve the best he can, regardless of that he is our baby and my heart swells whenever I look at him.

  • I feel sense of relief in finding this group of people and knowing that we are not alone.

  • Our daughter has only had her foot braces for 2 weeks or so, and we haven't really been in public with them much. Today was a totally new experience, we were in town, going in and out of lots of shops. Boy, did we get many comments about her foot (what is that? did she have an accident? poor little girl sprained her ankle?) If I had not been prepared for this I'm sure it would have upset me a lot. But thanks to all of you sharing your experience I just casually said "No, this helps her walk better“ and was actually quite proud of my little girl and myself. I love this list!

  • You are right when you say how lucky you are to have found this list. None of us knows what tomorrow will bring, but at least we have the true support of wonderful people who understand. You are fortunate that your son was diagnosed early, so you can be strong advocates for him from the
    beginning. (Written to parents of a child just diagnosed with hemiplegia from another list parent) 

  • I wish we'd had this list in 1995. Didn't find it until a doctor mentioned it after our son's surgery. I had never felt so alone in my life. When I asked the neurologist about support groups he just looked at me!

  • Thank you for creating CHASA. It has been an immense help to me. I have learned so much in just the past month.

  • Thank you for responding to my questions. It is so comforting to hear from your experiences and give me ideas for further discussion with the doctor. You all have been a tremendous help!

  • Thank you to all who e-mailed me back so quickly regarding Angela's PT/OT. You have no idea how much your advice and experiences have helped me and my husband!

  • I read the messages daily, and this list is such a great
    support to me! Thank you for "listening". 

  • Honestly, you all were an answer to my prayers. I got more answers in one day than I had in 6 months. For the first time you realize, "Hey, there are quite a few of us out here", and you don't feel so alone. Thinking you're alone is a debilitating feeling when you are trying to heal. Thank you again Nancy and Joni.

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To learn more about hemiplegia, hemiplegic cerebral palsy, or hemiparesis, visit the Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association website.

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