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Volunteers will help match you with other families in your state or country. Visit our Local Support Group for families of Children who have Hemiplegia.

Infant and Childhood Stroke are two causes of hemiplegia or hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Visit our sister website, Kids Have Strokes, to learn more.


Hemi-Kids Email List Guidelines

Welcome to the Hemi-Kids list! There are a few things that you need to know before posting a message to the list.

If you've never used a listserv list, you need to know that all the messages that you send to the list will go out to all 1400+ people who are subscribed to the list.  You'll also receive each message that they send to the list.  Digest users receive the daily messages in one big email per day.

New member messages are reviewed and then sent to the list. Send your first messages to

The purpose of the List is to provide a forum for parents to share their thoughts, ideas, support, advocacy tips, stories, and more. The following are a few guidelines that can make participation in the list easier and more enjoyable. With the growing number of daily messages, it has become more important to keep the information on the list pertinent to the group as a whole. This helps in not cluttering up mailboxes and wasting the valuable time of the parents on the list.

On this list, we all have the right to be respected. As caregivers of our children, we are under a tremendous amount of stress in dealing with daily living, medical, therapeutic, school and social issues. No one needs to have his or her parenting styles or decisions challenged on or off the list. Treat others on the list, as you would want them to treat you.

There are many ways to parent a child and many people on this list may have different opinions from your own. Please respect that differences are okay and try to be helpful with your comments. Also, remember that the written word is sometimes difficult to interpret because no visual or verbal communication goes with you email. Keep this in mind when responding to others.

Please pay special attention to the guidelines regarding automatic quoting. This is one thing we watch for when reviewing new members. If you have problems figuring out how to turn off your automatic quoting, please read this document.

When replying to a message, it is, at times, useful to include relevant parts of the original message, or "quote" the message. Do not quote the entire text of a message either at the beginning or the end of your message. 

We recommend that you turn off the "Quote Original Message when Replying" (automatic quoting) feature of your email program and to copy and paste the relevant part of the message to which you are replying. If you choose to use the automatic quoting feature in your email program, make sure to trim the quotations down to the minimum necessary to provide clarity.

Excessive quoting takes up space on the server and increases the size of posts and time required to read them. It also adds unnecessary text to the daily digests and makes them difficult to read.

Anonymous messages are not allowed. Your messages to the list should include your first name in the body of the message. Keep signatures to a reasonable length, ideally no more than 2 lines. 

If you have a hotmail address, you may have problems receiving all messages. Sometimes hotmail blocks our messages.  Yahoo has a free email message service that you may prefer to use. 

Please do not try to get around our "no advertising" policy by using an email address with your business or support group name in it.

Please introduce yourself when you feel comfortable. Tell us a little something about yourself and your child. You can do this by sending an introduction email to the list at

These introductions help others know that you are part of the list and can help you feel more included in the group. 

Appropriate posts to the list include the seeking and sharing of information, moral support (of which venting is a form), the sharing of our feelings and of our children's milestones, accomplishments and difficulties. Topics discussed include therapy, orthotics, seizures, education, emotional support, family stress and any other issues which are related to parenting children with hemiplegia or pediatric stroke.

GUIDELINES (most of these are designed to avoid volatile issues, protect privacy,  or to keep the list focused on its primary purpose)

  • Courts of law can subpoena records, including messages in the Hemi-Kids archives and your response to the Hemi-Kids survey. If you are involved in any sort of lawsuit or expect to be involved in the future, please consult your attorney before joining the group.

  • Please don't talk about politics.

  • Or religion. You may discuss how you've dealt with the emotional aspects of parenting a child with hemiplegia/stroke and how your spiritual beliefs have played into this. You may not PREACH or ASSUME that others hold your same beliefs.

  • Do not send stories, poems, cute jokes, etc. to the list.

  • Advertising or solicitation is not allowed on the list. We are frequently contacted by members who wish to raise funds or awareness. While we support the good work done by other groups, we cannot allow fundraising posts on the HK list. In turn, we do not request that other groups post our fundraising events.

  • Please do not use the HK list to recruit members for other organizations.

  • Please respect privacy and do not ask for photos or addresses of families or children on the list.

  • Please do not post petitions to the list. If you believe that list members can benefit from knowledge of a petition, please mail a copy of the petition and additional information to the CHASA mailing address for board review.

  • Do not attach files of any type to your message.

  • Do not send virus warnings to the list.

  • The discussion of our children ranges far and wide; however, messages should not get completely off the topic and away from the purpose of the list. The list is not for general discussion of any and all health matters, child-rearing practices, and the like. If you wish to continue an off-topic discussion with other subscribers, you should e-mail them directly. Subscribers' e-mail addresses appear in the From field of their messages. Note, however, that not all people wish to receive private e-mail from other List subscribers. 


  • Want to get lots of responses to your questions? Use an appropriate Subject in the Subject line.  

  • Be sure the subject line reflects the topic discussed in the post. 

  • Do not auto-reply and start a new thread leaving the old subject line in the header. (A thread is a series of messages on the same topic.)

  • If you veer off the subject slightly, them put the new subject in with the old subject in parentheses, such as New subject (was Old subject).

  • If you receive the digest version, delete the digest subject line and copy and past the subject from the message in the digest to your message. 

  • In the daily digest version, the subjects of messages are used to create the contents listings that appears at the beginning of the digest. In the list archives, messages are sorted by the subject. Good subjects help subscribers more easily locate messages of interest in the archives and follow a thread on a topic.

  • Please do not put a person's name in the subject line - if they're interested in a post, they'll find your message. If you need to contact them privately, do so off list.

  • Examples of a good, specific Subject lines:  Differences in OT and PT  

  • Not a good Subject line:  I have a question


If what you have to say will probably pertain to another parent on the list, then send it to the list.

Examples of information for private email
1) Congratulations to someone for an accomplishment. Please share accomplishments on the list but send the congratulations to the individual.
2) Very detailed information about meeting a member in person. Please protect your privacy.

All information contained on the Hemi-Kids List is copyrighted material. Please do not copy or forward any of messages from the Hemi-Kids list to any other source. The parents and children deserve to have as much privacy as possible. 

To learn more about hemiplegia, hemiplegic cerebral palsy, or hemiparesis, visit the Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association website.

Copyright, CHASA, All Rights Reserved

The information contained in this web site and on the Hemi-Kids listserv are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment, 
and the site owners recommend consultation with your doctor or health care professional.